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Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Sessions are tailor made to suit each individual, as we are all unique and different in our own special way

Life-coaching is able to help with building self-confidence, dealing with difficult situations such as career transitions or relationship break-ups, finding a way forward in a career path.  It can also help to strengthen your relationships in a personal and business way. 

Working with a Life Coach.

Life coaching is not a therapy.


Stress is now becoming a daily occurrence in people's lives and it takes its toll on work performance, job satisfaction, relationships, finance and your general well being.


What you can expect  from working with me:


Working with me will help you have and a better way of life.
I will help you upgrade your life and achieve your goals.

I will help you bridge the gap between reality and your dreams,
using a process to help you focus and discover what you want, recognise your goals and put in to play, plans and actions to achieve the best you.


Working with a me offers you emotional support and motivation to help you make the correct choices and identify your way forward, it will make you feel more alive, more in alignment with your values, your purpose and help build better relationships.

It will help you pinpoint the underlying reasons for being unhappy, dissatisfied and for some people the feeling of being lost.

I will help you set boundaries and raise your standards, help you resolve mental blocks, fear and insecurities along with helping you explore your life purpose, vision and integrate it with your life path.

Overall you can enjoy getting back the edge in your business, relationships and  life success as well as finding a work/life balance. This can result in having a better career, business, relationships, improved confidence and well being.

It can also help with the following:

Comfort eating
Lack of self-confidence
Life disattisfaction
Bad habits
Mid-life crisis
Feeling low
Lack of inspiration
Resistance to change


Coaching can be done via the telephone or skype. If local to Campbeltown it can be done face to face.

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